We are a group of highly qualified and experienced Chartered Physiotherapists.

We work in different parts of Ireland in different specialist clinical areas. We offer quality evidence-based physiotherapy care by video consultation. We have the expert knowledge and skills to help you. And we believe that, in these times, it is best for all of us if we do this remotely while you stay home.

We’ll listen to you carefully, watch and see you as you show what’s wrong, and help you with the right information, exercises and self-treatment techniques.

All of us, patients and clinicians, are adapting to new ways of doing things to help our society.

Thank you for protecting others by choosing video consultations. We believe it is the best choice for many patients. By using video consultations, you are eliminating infection risk while still receiving high-quality physiotherapy care.

We will help to get you better and keep you well, while you #STAYHOME.

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Our service statement

PhysiosOnline.ie is a website set up to inform the public about a network og independent Chartered Physiotherapists, each of whom operates their own practice/clinic using both telehealth and traditional physical consultations. Each therapist is responsible for their own insurance, clinical decision-making, and work practices. PhysiosOnline is simply a website, where each Chartered Physiotherapist member of the network informs the public about their own services.. It is not a clinic. is not in any way involved in the clinical interactions between the physiotherapists listed on our site and their patients.

PhysiosOnline does not vet any of the physiotherapists who wish to be listed on our site. To find out more about any physiotherapist listed on our website, please contact the therapist directly via their website listed on our site, or by contacting the ISCP or CORU.

As a patient, any interaction you have with PhysiosOnline beyond making an initial booking will be with your own physiotherapist, directly, and not with PhysiosOnline. PhysiosOnline is simply the website where your Chartered Physiotherapist is listed. For more information about who runs this website, see who runs PhysiosOnline.

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PhysiosOnline is a website that informs the public about a network of Chartered Physiotherapists in Ireland who offer video consultations. The Chartered Physiotherapists listed on this site treat treat a variety of conditions, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, post-operative rehabilitation, osteoporosis, back pain, shoulder injuries, balance problems, knee injuries, neck pain, osteoarthritis, headaches and migraines, rheumatic diseases, overweight and obesity, dizziness, childhood conditions, cardiac and respiratory conditions, and chronic pain

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