Who runs PhysiosOnline?

I do.

My name is Evie Martin,  I’m an Irish physiotherapist living in Norway.

I had already been doing secure video consultations prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. It was therefore relatively easy for me and my patients to move over to online treatment in the interests of preventing the spread of infection.
Now, even after physio clinics in Norway have reopened, I’m continuing to treat the vast majority of my patients online because:

  • It’s the preferred option for many patients, pandemic or not. Some of my patients just prefer seeing me from their own home, particularly those who find it difficult to travel, such as older patients who perhaps don’t drive and people with disabilities.
  • I believe It’s in everyone’s best interests for as many people as possible to #STAYHOME. I have found that patients absolutely can be effectively treated and helped by video consultation, and I think everyone should use this option if they can.

It has become and important project for me personally and professionally to encourage healthcare professionals and patients everywhere to use video consultations in order to limit the potential spread of infection.

I have done my best to achieve this by contacting many physios in Norway and Ireland to set up the PhysiosOnline network. Only highly skilled and experienced physios using proper, secure video consultations suitable for healthcare provision are listed on this site. I have set up networks both at home in Norway at fysioonline.no, and in Ireland at physiosonline.ie.

For me, this is a totally voluntary project.

I have a kind, supportive, smart and talented wife, Christine, who made the website for us for free.

I have not vetted any of the physiotherapists listed on this site. Having been in contact with each of them while establishing this network,  I can give my own personal opinion that they are all highly professional, skilled, knowledgeable clinicians with their patients’ best interests at heart. However, please note that they are each independent chartered physiotherapists with their own practices. I have no responsibility for, knowledge of, or involvement with their interactions with patients, online or otherwise.

I receive no payment, no money, no funds whatsoever from any of the physiotherapists listed on this site, or from anyone else, in order to run this project. This is fine with me, since this project has cost me a minimal amount of money. There has obviously been a significant time investment by me and my wife, but we consider this to be time well spent.

I hope this website helps physiotherapists to share their expertise with the public.

I hope this website helps patients to access the high-quality and skilled help that they need to help themselves, while they #STAYHOME.

If you are a physio who needs some advice to get started doing video consultations, feel free to contact me and I will try to help you if I can.

A vague disclaimer is nobody’s friend. – Willow Rosenberg


My wife Christine on the left with me, Evie, on the right. Selfie by the fjord near our home in Bergen, Norway.

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